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September 4, 2006

Making a Website Using Website Templates

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There are some amazing websites on the net these days.  It used to be that if you wanted a really good website it would cost you thousands of dollars and months of time.  Not any more!  The quality and availability of website templates these days makes it easy for anyone to have an amazing website quickly and easily.

Initially you may be overwhelmed by the choices in templates for your site.  There are many sites that have many different templates available.  This is a good thing though.  Just take some time up front before you begin searching to identify the type of site you are going to make.  Once you have done this it will be easy to sort through the different templates as most good sites have them categorized for you.

Theme or category isn’t the only thing to decide however.  Once you’ve found the template you want to use for your website you then need to decide on the leve of customization you want for it.  If it is a good site then you will be able to change things like color, font and logo without to much trouble.  Other changes should also be avaialable to you but will be more difficult to implement.  You may need certain software or have to pay an additional fee for example.

A quick side-note on web hosting.  In choosing your template you should be sure of what features your hosting company provides you.  Depending on the template your server may need to support certain functions.  PHP is a good example.  Many free or discount hosting companies don’t provide scripting to their clients.  Be sure you check before choosing your template.

Some last notes on website templates.  Whether you need a template for a – system like osCommerece, PHP Nuke,phpBB or a custom site of your own, you can find one quickly and easily.  Some research and organization on your part will save you time and money in the end.  Don’t be fooled by some of the free template sites you see out there.  You always get what you pay for.

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