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February 24, 2007

Working At Home On The Internet – Introduction

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 Let’s get something straight right from the start. It is VERY difficult to make more than $10 or $20 a day working on the Internet part time. Has it been done? Yes. Can it be done again? Yes. The reality of it is though, that unless you can put your full time energy into it you will only end up making about $10 per day. So, if you’re here looking for that get quick rich scheme that you’re convinced exists, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re here hoping to make a little extra money to make ends meet while doing something that is fun from your home for a few hours a week, then you’re in the right spot. I don’t know about you, but I could use an extra $300 per month!

You often hear the word free associated with working from home. Free guide to your success, free money making opportunity, free ebook and so on. Nothing is free! Everything has a cost, hidden or otherwise. If it seems to good to be true, it is. Later on I will explain how it’s possible to get “free” web hosting for example. While you won’t have to put any money up front, you will be sacrificing flexibility, features and some freedom by doing it. Not that this is bad, it all depends on what your goals are. Always know though that there is a cost to everything.

There’s one thing that people often forget, working at home is still work! Along with that goes a great saying I once heard, what you focus on expands. If you put the time and energy into your home business, it will make more than $10 per day, but it will be difficult. There is a lot of competition out there. You have to be very well organized and focused to compete in this market. keep in mind though, just because there’s a McDonalds, doesn’t mean there can’t be a Burger King.

This is not a get rich quick scheme or gimmick. I’ve taken the time to make this site to explain the basics of working at home on the Internet. I’ve broken it out into what I think are the major categories and steps you need to take, from beginning to end. After reading this site and following it’s directions you will have a fully functional money making website. You may or may not get rich from this site, but you’ll at least make a little extra cash.

A couple things will make your work at home business a little more likely to succeed. A good understanding of the Internet and a hobby or topic that you enjoy. The first one seems obvious, but the second one is important, and just happens to be the next step in creating your online business.

David Dugan frequents a work at home website that has great resources like a forum and a blog.  It’s an excellent place to visit for help with your home business or working from home in general.

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